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welcome to my brain.

With backgrounds in Design and Biology, I have a unique perspective in solving marketing and advertising challenges through a right-brain, left-brain approach. This allows me to translate client initiatives into strategic ideas that get turned into engaging, results-oriented visual campaigns. It's what I do. It's how I help teams succeed. It is my passion.

the process


Clients are the subject matter experts. This phase is about listening and asking questions to draw out as much information as possible on the organization, product, market demographics and project parameters.


Information acquired during the discovery phase is distilled down to its core meaning. Serving as a guide for what's most important, this Creative Brief becomes the strategic foundation for developing purposeful creative solutions.


Working closely with the client, the plan is developed, detailing what the project initiative looks like, and what the approach will be. Goals and timelines are determined at the end of the planning phase.


Pen (or pencil) hits the paper to develop ideas before the computer is turned on. This concepting turns into engaging visual designs that are the strategic foundation of  solid, results-oriented solutions.


Review the work with key client team members to ensure concepts are on-strategy, and align with the Creative Brief.

Execute for the Win*

The concepts come to life as the campaign is further developed and refined into executable solutions. Depending on the medium, projects can launch or have overview through print production.

* Celebrate good work!

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welcome to
my brain.

welcome to my brain.